Now you can include the music files with your MyFitnessDJ backup. If you've ever been frustrated by not having the correct music files on the correct device, you know how handy this feature is.

To backup your playlist (with music files included!) to another iOS device or Dropbox:

  • Install MyFitnessDJ or MyFitnessDJpro and activate Power Pack in tools - 99c per month or $6.99 per year on the device you are sharing FROM
  • Install the free MyFitnessDJ app on the device you are sharing TO
  • Select the playlist you want to share and tap 'Share'
  • Select full or reduced size music files
    • full size files export quicker, sound just like the original music, but may take a long time to transfer
    • reduced size files take longer to export and sound a little like AM radio, but transfer quickly to another device and take up little space on the device or Dropbox
  • Once the share dialog appears (be patient if you're reducing the size) choose AirDrop to transfer directly to another device or Dropbox to back your Sropbox Apps folder.
  • The free MyFitnessDJ can only store one backup playlist at a time but activating Power Pack allows as many backup playlists as your device can hold. Tap "accept" on the receiving device, and choose to open the playlist in MyFitnessDJ or MyFitnessDJpro. 
  • Enjoy the backup!