#tags & SmartPlaylists & templates. Oh My!


If you've heard about MFDJ #tags and SmartPlaylist and templates, but don't understand exactly how to use them, you're in the right place. All are powerful tools to help curate and recycle your teaching ideas. 


#tags - Any MFDJ track can be assigned any number of #tags. When viewing the track list, swipe left and tap More to see the add/change #tags option. There is no preset list of #tags, it's really up to you and your teaching style. Typical #tags are #flat, #climb, #energyIncrease. But you get the idea. If you want to use #sprint, I'll not judge. 


You can always review the #tags you've assigned a track by swiping left > More > Change. The dialog will pre-populate with the tags you've already added. From there you can add, delete or change. 


Once #tags have been added to several tracks, the power of an MFDJ SmartPlaylist can be unleashed. In your list of playlists, tap Add > Create A New #SmartPlaylist. Enter a name and one or more #tags that you've assigned to tracks in your MFDJ library. A #SmartPlaylist is light blue, so you'll know it's something special. When selected, a #SmartPlaylist searches every playlist on your device for tracks that have those #tag(s). It's a dynamic list, so a track with a newly added #tag will show up in the #SmartPlaylist.


<< Coming soon >>

Create a #SmartPlaylist that includes #tag tracks from #MFDJtrending as well! If you use that option, a #SmartPlaylist of #climbs would find tracks you've used before AND tracks that other MFDJ users have cued up and submitted to #MFDJtrending. How cool is that!


MFDJ templates is just one more way to recycle the work you've already done. If you have a track that is perfectly cued and you know the next time you use that track you'll want to use the same cues, mark it as a template by swiping left > More > Use As Template. Once set, any time you add that track from your music library, it will be added to your new playlist as usual, but the cues from the template track will be added. You can always uncheck "Use As Template" if you want to the add the track and not use those cues.