MyFitnessDJ is a free iOS app for creating playlists and composing cues to display as the music plays. Anyone who needs to time cues with music will find it useful, but Indoor Cycling Instructors are the prime market. To install the app on your iPhone or iPad, tap

Once installed, tap 'Add' from the playlist menu to create your first playlist. Select 'Make a Playlist', type a name, then select the playlist and tap 'Add' in the playlist to select tracks. Tracks from your Music app can be added individually or select all tracks of a playlist you've already made. Apple Music tracks work great in MyFitnessDJ, but be sure to 'Make Available Offline' to prevent gaps in play from a bad internet connection. 

After adding a track, you can choose a Smart Preset for the track. The Smart Preset will be assigned to the first track of a playlist or you can assign a preset to a newly added track by long pressing the play screen.


Smart Presets include:

Zone Increase - gradual increase of working zones through track

Zone Spikes - spikes up to each zone from Easy

Zone Curve - gradual increase then decrease of working zones through track

Tempo Increase - gradual increase of cued RPM with corresponding increase in music BPM (tempo adjust is not available for Apple Music tracks)

20/10 Intervals -assigns Tabata timed intervals

Shrinking Intervals - assigns 5 intervals, each shorter than the one before

Custom Intervals - you choose ON and OFF times (great for on the fly excitement)


If you prefer to use your own signature skills and drills, MyFitnessDJ allows unlimited custom cues to be entered for a track. Select ‘Blank Cue’ and pour on your secret sauce. Once you’ve perfected cues for a track, make it a preset by copying the track to the clipboard and then long press the preset you'd like to replace.   
Playlists can be shared via Airdrop, iMessage, email or Dropbox. A timer always counts down to the next cue to make your timing seem like magic. Speaking of magic, how about using the latest trending music from YouTube in your playlists? Copy a YouTube URL to the clipboard and add it to a playlist just like any music track. And if you're connected to an AirPlay monitor for big screen fun, the video will display on the remote screen. How's that for magic?

The free app offers so many features, you may wonder how the in-app purchase option could make it any better. Power Pack (99 cents/month in-app purchase) bumps the feature list from amazing to Wow!

Want to include music files when you share your playlist? Share away! (Of course, copyright requirements must be met.) How about changing tempo during class? Yep. Do you need a little help remembering what cue comes next? Cue Lookahead has you covered. Need to set custom intro/outro times for the perfect mix? It’s in there.

As the music of your playlist delights, your device's display and any AirPlay monitor show the latest cues, timers and track name & artist info. Heart Rate from Bluetooth LE devices or Heart Rate & Power data from ANT+ devices (requires external ANT+ to wifi bridge) display and are used to calculate working zone. The Big Data Display Bullies have nothing on MyFitnessDJ!

Turn on VoiceOver cues on those days you just don’t feel like screaming (or when you lose your voice after screaming too much). Your cues are announced along with the countdown timers. Your job just got so much easier.

For those who teach in studios with ANT+ Heart Rate or Power sensors, the MyFitnessDJ zones perfectly map to heart rate and Watt training zones. Power Pack allows up to 6 devices to connect, but the ANT+ Aware Scoreboard (in-app purchase) will allow 20+ riders to see their working zone or compete in group challenges.

There are a handful of apps that display your cues. Several more that compile and mix music. There are promises for other iOS apps that use ANT+ power & heart rate data for big screen data-driven rides. MyFitnessDJ does it all. Now.
Seeing is believing. To watch MyFitnessDJ in action, install the app

and load a free sample playlist by tapping Add > Get Pre-made playlist. The YouTube playlists are really fun. You can watch the video and see the cues by turning your device to landacpe, or leave in portrait to just use the music. 
As you listen to the music and watch the cues, think about how your teaching style and technique can be even better with planning and precision execution. Give it a go and let me know what you think.