MyFitnessDJ Scoreboard Edition with Power or Heart Rate (ANT+ or BLE)  & Enhanced Video Displays

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 Airplay screen shows full screen video, with TickerTape progress bar, track times and Countdown timer with zone color. All info superimposed on full sized video.


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With Power sensors, Airplay screen shows a transparent square for riders not in the current zone. 






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 Device landscape view shows all track info, current and upcoming cue, TickerTape, play controls and all current sensor data. 





Use MyFitnessDJ with ANT+ equipment to stream and display Power (Watt), Heart Rate and Speed data. 

  • Provides current Power (Watt) and Heart rate data from ANT+ device via data stream from WASP (what's a WASP? scroll down...) ANT+ to wifi bridge
  • Maintains MFDJ Max (Watt) and Max Heart Rate for each device
    • based on peak watts, average watts and time in zones
    • auto-increase max heart rate when previous max is exceeded
  • Displays Power Zone (% current watts to MFDJ Max or current HR to max HR displayed as Green, Yellow, Orange or Red squares) on Score Board so each rider knows how hard they should be working, if they are in their zone and how long they have to keep it up
  • Power (Watt) or Heart Rate Scoreboard:
    • Displayed on device, AirPlay or wired connection
    • Instructor chooses display mode for track or drill purpose:
      • Individual mode shows each device's current reading + Power Zone 
      • Team mode shows average of all active devices + average Power Zone
      • Clear Your Square mode inspires intense interval work by normalizing each rider's goal based on MFDJ Max and asking each rider to clear their square by earning 100 points
      • Team Racing mode assigns riders to three teams, then calculates cumlative miles for each team - so fun!
  • Access up to 6 sensors in the free app - Get it here!
  • Access up to 20 sensors by activating Studio Edition in-app purchase in tools
  • Share rider data for import into Apple's Health App
  • Coming Soon! > Access up to 60 sensors in one facility with Studio Edition
    • Provides studio branding on MyFitnessDJ Studio Scoreboard display
    • Can activate any MyFitnessDJ device via AirDrop (within GPS zone of studio) as:
      • Rider - studio branded MFDJ app + use unlimited shared playlists + workout info saved to HealthKit
      • Instructor - studio branded MFDJ app + unlimited sharing of playlists + instructor specific features (cue lookahead, smart presets, etc.)
      • Set custom nicknames to be shown on Score Board per instructor or studio


Give it a try by tapping:

Join the wifi network that is used by the WASP, then start MyFitnessDJ. You can verify that the sensor data is being read by tapping "Tools". The option under FTP Control Panel will change from Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor to WASP ANT+ Device Menu.

If the WASP is locked to your facility, you can get your facility's OEM number from the supplier and enter it by tapping Tools > Backup Playlists > select Use FTP Server > tap FTP entry, then enter: 

"facilityNPEOEM:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" with your facility's OEM number after the colon. To switch back to an unlocked WASP, enter the above line with nothing following the colon.

Once the WASP data is being read, add a new track and select any of the zone presets, play the track and turn the device to landscape. The desired zone will display and up to 6 ANT+ sensor data will be dispayed as well. For up to 20 sensors, activate Studio Edition in tools.

Or load a sample playlist with Scoreboard cues assigned and reduced size music files by tapping: 



What's a WASP?

North Pole Engineering makes an ANT+ to wifi bridge called a WASP. These are private labeled by other companies so you may already have one in a studio where you teach. 

They look like this:


There may be another label on it, but the center black on/off button and green & red LEDS are a pretty good sign you have a WASP.


If the green light is flashing two quick times per second, it's connected to an existing network. If the green light is flashing one quick time per second, it's created it's own wifi network that begins with WAxxxxxx. Join the same network and MyFitnessDJ Studio Scoreboard Edition will be able to grab all ANT+ data available via the WASP. 


To put your WASP into a basic mode to skip joining an existing network:

  • Hold button 4 seconds and release to turn off - green light should stay off
  • Hold button for 3 seconds release for 2 seconds then press again for 1 second
  • Green light should flash two quick times indicating basic mode. On you iOS device, I'm settings, you should see a wifi network named "Wxxxxxxx" - starts with a W followed by several numbers and letters. Join that wifi network from your iOS device so MyFitnessDJ can read the data from your ANT+ devices