MyFitnessDJ is just what you need to backup/share your music or to make a 21st century mixtape

To backup/share your music tracks from one iOS device to another:

  • Install MyFitnessDJ and activate Power Pack in tools (99c per month) on the device you are sharing FROM
  • Next, install MyFitnessDJ on the device you are sharing TO
  • Make a playlist of the tracks you want to backup/share/mix and tap 'Share'
    • Set custom start and stop times for each track to make a super cool mixtape with super slick crossfades
  • Select full or reduced size music files
    • full size files export quicker, sound just like the original music, but may take a long time to transfer
    • reduced size files take longer to prepare for export and sound a little like AM radio, but transfer quickly to another device and take up very little space on the device
  • When the share dialog appears (be patient if you're reducing file size) choose AirDrop for the fastest and easiest method
    • If your devices don't support AirDrop, you can iMessage full size files or email the reduced sized
  • Tap "accept" on the receiving device and open the shared playlist in MyFitnessDJ
    • The free MyFitnessDJ can store and play one backup playlist at a time
    • Activate Power Pack to store and play as many playlists as your device can hold
  • Enjoy the backup!