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Get to know #MFDJtrending! Share ideas and inspiration with other IC instructors or get new ideas to make your classes even better. 

To play an #MFDJtrending track

To add a track to #MFDJtrending

  • Update to the latest version of MyFitnessDJ version and activate Power Pack or Studio Edition in tools
  • In MyFitnessDJ, play the track you want to add, tap ‘Cues’ > ‘Add track to #MFDJtrending’
  • It’s best to use the zone color palette to allow the best sharing of your track. 
  • If you don’t see that option, make sure the track is an Apple Music track that includes an Apple Music URL  ** 
  • Once added to #MFDJtrending, promote your track by sharing to Facebook. Anyone who taps the link in your Facebook post, has Apple Music and MyFitnessDJ will have the #MFDJtrending track added to their MyFitnessDJ playlist. 
    • **To add a new track from Apple Music using its URL:
      • play track in Music App, tap three dots, tap ‘Share Song’, tap ‘Copy’
      • in MyFitnessDJ list of tracks, tap ‘add’ > ‘URL on clipboard’
    • **To add an Apple Music URL to an existing Apple Music track:
      • Play track in MyFitnessDJ
      • Back to track list > Swipe left > More > Set Apple Music URL to xxxxx
      • To verify, when viewing the list of tracks, tap ‘Edit’ to show Apple Music URLs in front of the Artist name.