Have questions about MyFitnessDJ? If these FAQs don’t provide an answer, please email: support@myfitnessdj.com

Q: What does MyFitnessDJ do and why should I use it? 

Q: I just downloaded MyFitnessDJ. Where do I start? 

Q: MyFitnessDJ is misbehaving by……

Q: Help! My iPhone exploded on reentry from Mars. [got flushed down the toilet || was eaten by my pet alligator || etc.] Is there any chance MyFitnessDJ magically saved all my work just in case?  

  • Good news! Every time you change a cue, MyFitnessDJ backs up that playlist to your iCloud account. It saves two files each time to the MyFitnessDJ folder in your Files app, available on any device using your iCloud account.
    • playlist_name.mfdj is a compressed data file that any player from DandeApp can read.
    • playlist_name.json is a human readable text file that can be used to manually recreate your work in another app (no judgement if you find something that works better for you) and is of a standardized format that any other player app can use for direct import.

Q: After updating to iOS 16.x or 17.x, music playing goes silent with no warning or consistency. The timers continue as if the music is playing, but no sound is made.

  • This is a known bug in the Music app that shows up randomly. So far, downloading tracks before play seem to minimize the bug, but does not guarantee. Some users find a solution in toggling Settings App > MyFitnessDJ > Media & Apple Music. Others have found success by logging out then back in to their iCloud
  • If you have this issue and offer any clues as to what causes the bug to trigger, please let me know.

Q: I’d like share playlists with my riders when they’re not able to be in my class. Does MFDJ allow that? 

  • Great idea! The best (and only legal) way to share a playlist is to use tracks from Apple Music or YouTube. To verify that tracks are correctly labeled for Apple Music sharing, tap ‘Edit’ when viewing the track list and you should see both a lock icon and a 9 or 10 digit number after the lock. If the track is from Apple Music (you see the icon but don’t see a number or yellow triangle) exit edit mode and swipe left on the track > more > ‘Set Apple Music URL to xxxxx’ to assign the Apple Music URL to the track.  YouTube is displayed on the second line of tracks that are sourced by YouTube.  Once you’ve verified that all tracks are source from Apple Music or YouTube, you can ‘Share” while viewing the track list and send the playlist via email, text or save the file to your iCloud Drive to share as a file.  Your riders can install the free MFDJ, then tap the MFDJ data file and MFDJ will import and play all track and display all cues.  If they want to import more than one shared playlist at a time, they’ll have to upgrade to power pack.

Q: Is there a video I can watch to learn how to…….  ?

Q: What do in-app purchases include?

Q: When will MyFitnessDJ play tracks from Spotify?

Q: When will you release MyFitnessDJ for Android?

  • When I have additional development and support resources for another platform. As of now, I’m proud of the support I give users of MFDJ on iOS. I’d rather provide a great experience for one platform than a less than great experience for more than one.

Q: I’m subscribed to Power Pack or Studio Edition – and have verified in “Manage Subscriptions” – yet those features are not working. How can I get them back?

  • Occasionally, a subscription renewal is delayed or your device doesn’t have internet service when the subscription renewal is sent. There’s an easy fix in MFDJ:Tools > Manage & Restore > Restore PurchasesIn a short time, you should be able to access you in-app features.

Q: How can I duplicate a playlist so I can use it as a template for a new playlist? 

  • Swipe left on the name of the playlist you want to duplicate, tap More > Duplicate this Playlist.  Now you’ll have a duplicated playlist with COPY added to the name. Swipe left and tap More > Rename Playlist if you want to give a different name, then make changes to the duplicated playlist without changing the original. 

Q: How can I recycle a track’s cues using a different music track? 

  • There are two ways to recycle a track’s cues:
    • Select the track that has the cues you want to recycle, tap cues, then tap & hold any preset square. Confirm replace. Then use that new preset on any new track you add.
    • Tap, hold & copy the track that has the cues you want to recycle, then tap Add and select the new track from your music library. Confirm that you want to use the cues from the track on the clipboard on the newly added track. 

Q: How can I copy a track with its cues from one playlist to another?  

  • Tap and hold the track in its original playlist to select copy. Then select the new playlist, tap and hold the track that’s BEFORE the desired location and select paste. If you’ve just created the second playlist and it doesn’t have any tracks yet, add a dummy track from your music library to tap and hold so you can paste. Once your copied track has been added you can delete the dummy track – swipe left and confirm delete.

Q: How can I copy a cue with its text, color and Scoreboard Display Type from one track to another?  

  • Tap and hold the cue in its original track to select copy. Then select the new track, tap Cues, Then tap and hold the cue that’s BEFORE the desired location and select paste. The cue will be set to one second after the previous cue, so you’ll likely need to adjust the time.

Q: How can I copy a playlist from one device to another that uses the same iCloud account?

  • Once you’ve created a playlist on device #1:
    • MFDJ Tools > Backup Playlists > Use iCloud > save ONE playlist to iCloud > select the playlist
  • Then on device #2 (same iCloud account):
    • MFDJ Tools > Backup Playlists > Use iCloud > Get ONE playlist > select the playlist
  • Be sure the playlist’s tracks are available on device #2.

Q: How can I share a MyFitnessDJ playlist that uses Apple Music tracks?  

  • Build playlist in MFDJ with tracks from Apple music
    • add tracks from Apple Music URL so the tracks will have Apple Music urls assigned
    • if added previously from music library dialog, begin track play, swipe left on track, tap More > Set Apple Music URL to …
    • check for Apple Music URLs in your tracks by tapping edit and noting the lock and a 9 digit number
  • While viewing the track list, tap Share
  • AirDrop and email work best for sharing with someone you know
  • Save to Files is a great way to share the playlist to your Files app for sharing later

Q: How do I change the tempo (BPM) of a track?  

With Studio Edition subscription active, tap Tempo Tools > “Swipe Up/Down for tempo adjust”, then you can either:

Q: After adding a YouTube track with URL on clipboard, the video doesn’t play and “… updating” stays at the top top of the screen. What can I do?

  • This issue was fixed in MyFitnessDJ 2.36, released April 2024
  • Some YouTube URLs now include a referral (it’s after a “?” in the URL) which prevents a successful paste into MFDJ. As a workaround, copy the URL from YouTube, paste into a mail app, delete the “?” and everything after it, copy the updated URL back to your clipboard, then add the track.
  • The URL on the clipboard should look like this
  • https://youtu.be/hyve5cNm8i4
  • not this:
  • https://youtu.be/hyve5cNm8i4?si=3xPZfX7rxY-r2tC1

Q: After updating to iOS 16 or 16.1, the first track of my playlist is repeating or play progresses to the wrong track.

  • First, make sure single track repeat is turned OFF in your Music app.
  • There is a known bug in the Music app that causes playlists to play in random order at times. There is a temporary fix in MFDJ 2.33 (released 11/29/22).
  • If the fix doesn’t do the trick, try this temporary workaround: set the end time of the track that repeats (or the track that ends by jumping to the wrong track) to 1 or 2 second before the end of the track. Do that by selecting the track > cues > End > scroll wheel 1 or 2 seconds earlier. That way, MFDJ will correctly advance to the next track instead of letting the Music app repeat. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed soon. 

PLEASE backup your playlist data regularly. It’s easy > Tools > Backup Playlists > Use iCloud > Save ALL Playlists to iCloud. If you want a double dose of prevention, Tools > Email All Playlists to yourself. 
A few users’ playlist libraries have disappeared during iOS15 updates. It’s a small subset of users, but having a current backup of your work is always a good idea. 

MFDJ v2.30 fixes the bug that caused a crash when an iOS12 device played a track.

Q: After updating to iOS 14.3, there is a long pause after music starts and before timers activate.

  • Issue resolved with iOS update
  • There is a known bug in iOS that causes the screen to freeze for up to 10 seconds after starting a newly loaded playlist. Music will play as expected and cues and timers will update correctly after a pause of up to 10 seconds. This issue has been reported to Apple Engineers and will be fixed in an upcoming release of iOS.

Q: After updating to iOS 14.2, I can’t open some playlists.

  • Issue resolved with iOS update
  • There is a known bug in iOS that causes a freeze when an app attempts to add a track to your Music Library. This shows up when MFDJ tries to add track(s) from a playlist that aren’t already in your Music Library. Until a fix is released, you can ‘skip’ the code that causes the freeze by > Restart MFDJ, swipe left on playlist that causes the freeze > More > Rename, enter skip for the new name. This won’t rename your playlist, but will cause it to skip the code that causes the freeze. Then select the playlist and you’ll be prompted to replace the track(s) that aren’t in your library with tracks from your library.

Q: Since updating to iOS 13.3, tracks added to a MyFitnessDJ playlist that are not in my music library sometimes play a random track when selected instead of the track I selected.

  • Issue resolved with iOS update
  • This is a known issue with the Music app that MyFitnessDJ uses to play Apple Music tracks. The best workaround until a fix is applied is to add tracks to your Apple Music library before adding them to MFDJ.

1) Swipe up or down on any playing screen in portrait orientation to adjust tempo or

2) Adjust the third wheel of any cue time to change that track’s tempo each time that cue displays

Tracks with BPM assigned in Tempo Tools – using auto detect, or tap the beat or manual entry – will display BPM. Tracks without BMP assigned will display a percentage of original tempo. If you change the tempo by setting the third wheel on a cue, that change will persist as long as the track plays and no other tempo change happens from swiping or another cue. So if you want a track to always play 10% faster, set the first cue at 0:00 and set the third wheel to 110%.

Q: Why do some tracks play louder than other tracks?

  • Getting all tracks to sound like the same volume level is pretty tough. MFDJ uses the native music player for many tracks – like Apple Music or those in the iTunes library that are part of iCloud-  and the native audio player (I know those two sound similar but are two separate underlying functions for the operating system) for others – like music files you own and are downloaded to the device. 
  • The tough part is that many music tracks are “mastered” at different levels and MFDJ doesn’t have a reliable way of knowing those levels when a track plays in the music player. 
  • The silver lining is that more and more current tracks are being mastered at a common level, so more new music should sound the same than older tracks. If you have tracks that you own that seem quieter than standard Apple Music tracks, you can try this trick that will sometimes bring their levels up:
    • In iTunes on a Mac, in Preferences > Import settings > MP3 + High Quality . 
    • Select the track that seems low in volume click File > Convert MP3. 
    • This will net an additional track in your iTunes library that will hopefully be a higher volume.  You can identify the newer version of the track with its “Date Added” field. 

Q: I use MyFitnessDJ with a MyZone display (or Coach by Color system) so the color zones are not the same. Is there any way to make them match?

  • Sure! Activate the Studio Edition subscription, tap Tools > AlternativeColors. Each time you turn it on or off, you get the option to convert the working zone colors of the current playlist. When turned on, Alternative colors substitutes Blue / Green / Yellow / Orange / Red with Grey  / Blue / Green / Yellow / Red as the color zones.

Q: I used Schwinn’s Class Tamer, but it’s no longer available. Is there an easy way to transfer my Class Tamer playlists to MyFitnessDJ?

Q: I really wish MyFitnessDJ could do… (cool thing that MFDJ already does)

Q: Does MyFitnessDJ play tracks from Apple Music?Yes! Use Apple Music to choose a song or build a playlist, tap “Make Available Offline” then add the track (or all tracks from playlist) to a MFDJ playlist. The crossfade feature will not work with Apple Music tracks, but you can leave it on for use with other tracks in the playlist.  

Q: How does MyFitnessDJ Scoreboard work? 

Check out All About MFDJ Scoreboard

Calculate and display Watt & Heart Rate data from ANT+ sensors when connected to a network that has a WASP – ANT+ to wifi bridge (released Oct 20, 2014)

To give it a try, just install the free app by tapping:


Join the wifi network that is used by the WASP, then start MyFitnessDJ. You can verify that the sensor data is being read by tapping “Tools”. The option under FTP Control Panel will change to WASP ANT+ Device Menu

Once the WASP data is being read, add a new track and select any of the zone presets, play the track and turn the device to landscape. The desired zone will display and up to 6 ANT+ sensor data will be dispayed as well. For more than 6 sensors, activate the Studio Edition  in-app purchase.

A sample playlist with Scoreboard cues assigned and reduced size music files can be loaded by tapping:


How can I display cues, timers and rider watts and heart rate zones on a studio monitor?

That’s exactly what MyFitnessDJ Scoreboard does! Activate Studio Edition in tools, then turn on AirPlay. Audio & Video is transmitted via AirPlay. If an AirPlay device is not available, connect your iPhone/iPad to a display with a Lightning to HDMI connector. Audio & Video will default to the attach monitor, but attaching a cable to the headphone jack will route audio through that connection while leaving Video on the attached monitor. 

Q: Sometimes my playlist jumps through all the tracks after playing just a few seconds. What’s wrong? 

  • Make sure you’ve updated your iOS & MFDJ to the latest versions. Also, be sure Crossfade in Tools is either OFF or at least 4 seconds. 1, 2 or 3 second crossfade is no longer compatible with all playlist progression. Although updated version of MFDJ won’t allow those crossfade times to be set, if you haven’t changed your crossfade in a long time, it may still be 1, 2 or 3 and causing a problem.  

Q: I’m having trouble with playlists progressing correctly that have Apple Music tracks since iOS11 launched. What can I do?

  • Please update MFDJ from app store as this bug has been fixed. 

Q: After upgrading to iOS 11.3, music starts to play when I select a playlist and if I select another track, two tracks play at the same time. What can I do?

  • Please update MFDJ from app store as this bug has been fixed. 

Q: After upgrading to iOS 11.3, I can’t create a new playlist. What can I do?

  • Please update MFDJ from app store as this bug has been fixed.

Q: After updating to iOS 10.3, tracks from Apple Music don’t progress correctly causing play to jump to a random track from my library that is not in the MyFitnessDJ playlist. What can I do?

  • Please update MFDJ from app store as this bug has been fixed.

Q: After updating my iOS, I can’t play music or add tracks. How can I fix this?

  • Please check the privacy settings for MyFitnessDJ in the Settings app. Open Setting app, scroll to your list of apps, find MyFitnessDJ and tap. Starting with iOS10, there are new privacy requirements to use music from the iTunes music library. Make sure the Media Library switch is ON.

Q: After updating to 2.9.15, the app crashes when I try to play a track from a shared playlist. What can I do?

  • Please update MFDJ from app store as this bug has been fixed.

Q: After updating to iOS10, I can’t paste a track URL from Apple Music. How can I fix this?

  • Please update MFDJ from app store as this bug has been fixed.

Q: After updating to iOS9, MyFitnessDJ voiceovers are now in Russian (or Spanish or not the language I want). What can I do? 

  • iOS9 brings enhanced language support, but version 2.9.9 of MyFitnessDJ doesn’t properly take advantage of the new feautures. Version 2.9.10 will fix the problem. In the meantime, you can turn off Voiceover in Tools or take advantage of the bug to learn a new language!

Q: How do I share a playlist including music files to another device or Dropbox? Click here for everything you want to know about sharing (backing up) your MyFitnessDJ playlist including music files to another device or Dropbox.Q: What’s the difference between MyFitnessDJ & MyFitnessDJpro?  ** MyFitnessDJpro is not longer publicly available. All features of pro are now available in MyFitnessDJMyFitnessDJ is free and for anyone who wants to increase their workout efficiency by adding structured cues to their workout playlists. It can also be used by participants in a Group Fitness class to get cues from an instructor.MyFitnessDJpro is for group fitness professionals who use the features of MyFitnessDJ while teaching classes or working with small groups. The pro version includes Cue Lookahead to see which cue is coming next, the ability to connect a video monitor for an entire class to view, an HTTP stream to share cues and ‘Network Leader’ capabilities for any device that’ near.(Power Pack in-app purchase unlocks all Pro features in the free app.)

Q: Can I use iTunes Match in MyFitnessDJ(pro)?

Yes, but with caution. As long as tracks have been downloaded to your device they will play great in MyFitnessDJ(pro). If a playlist you select has a track that’s not on your device, you’ll get a reminder that it needs to be downloaded. Just find the track in the Music App, and tap the iCloud button.

BUT when using iTunes Match, if your device gets close to being full, it may remove tracks that are available on iTunes Match. MyFitnessDJ(pro) has no way of getting those tracks back to your device, so you may have to repeat the above process when you least expect it. If it’s 30 seconds before a class starts and you have no network connection, it’s very frustrating.  

Q: How does the Tabata preset work?

– It fits as many 20 second ON + 10 second OFF intervals as it can in the track. To try it, be sure “Custom Cues” is OFF. While the track is playing, tap ‘Cues’ > ‘New’ > ‘Tabata Intervals’.

>Tip: Adjust start and end times on the track before you tap Tababa to cut out long intros or boring fade outs. 

Q: How do I delete a playlist, track or cue?

A: Any item in a list (playlist, track or cue) can be deleted by swiping left on the item, then confirm the deletion.

Q: How do I email all of my playlists?

A: Tap ‘Tools’ at the bottom of the screen, then ‘Email All Playlists’. You can then restore the playlist(s) by tapping the attached data file when reading the backup email on your device. This method is for the playlist info only. To backup one playlist with music files included, use the “Share” button on the playlist screen.

Q: Can I download a playlist sample?

A: Yes, view this page on a device with MyFitnessDJ installed, and tap here for a sample playlist.

Q: What devices run MyFitnessDJ?

A: iPhones, iPod Touch & iPads running the latest iOS version


Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.15 (March 2019)

  • Copy/Paste cues from one track to another
  • Applause SoundMoji – party face
  • Enter known FTP for ANT+ or BLE riders 

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.12 (January 2019)

  • New feature video
  • Multitasking & split screen
  • Shush SoundMojis to mute explicit lyrics
  • Tap the beat and change tempo of entire track 

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.26 (June 20, 2018)

  • A playing Apple Music track can now be added to a MFDJ playlist by just switching from Music app to MFDJ.
  • Now sort MFDJ playlists by date, alphabetically or manually as before.
  • TickerTape with multiple sections of same color now have section dividers.
  • When returning to an MFDJ playlist from using the Music app, queue is reloaded for more dependable play progression. 
  • Better layout of cue detail and cue text in landscape to portrait orientation changes.

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.24 (April 3, 2018)

  • What’s MFDJ New for Spring 2018
  • “Use as Template” checkmark on track swipe/more so adding a track that is already cued automatically recycles your work
  • Added “Info” tab for quick links to MyFitnessDJ info
  • Optimized app startup for faster launch
  • Added “Get ALL Playlists from iCloud” to restore all playlists to a new device
  • Added #tags field to tracks by swipe/more for #SmartPlaylist
  • Create #SmartPlaylists that dynamically search all track #tags to create playlist
  • Added Description field to Playlist swipe/more, which is searched with track names & artist in playlist search
  • Countdown timer in final cue of Apple Music tracks now reflects actual crossfade status to avoid negative time
  • Crossfade can now be OFF or set 4 seconds or more for better crossfading
  • See playlist last updated date when in edit mode

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.23 (released Nov 27, 2017)

  • Auto BPM detect (for non DRM tracks & requires Studio Edition)
  • Cues can now change tempo based on BPM
  • Now print or AirDrop playlist with TickerTape 
  • Quicker “Follow the Leader” connection
  • View waveform in cue list to match music waveform to tickertape (requires Studio Edition)
  • Fixed Cue length Individual racing
  • Copied cue can now be cancelled or saved
  • Added Tempo display in Landscape view
  • Always Show Tempo toggle in Tempo Tools (requires Studio Edition)

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.22 (released Oct 30, 2017)

  • Updated Layouts for iPhone X
  • “Tap the beat” added to “Tempo Adjust” in Tools
  • Lock emoji in track list edit view to indicate track with DRM
  • When saving to iCloud, incompatible playlist names can be converted
  • Fixed bug that caused last track to repeat instead of restart playlist
  • Fixed add track via URL 

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.21 (released Oct 5, 2017)

  • Please note, future versions will require iOS 10.3 or later 
  • MyFitnessDJ Scoreboard gets playlist length Individual Racing to display class length leaderboards
  • View MFDJ iCloud playlists in Files app with iOS11 
  • Get Power data from BLE sensors with Studio Edition subscription
  • Fixed crash in tracklist in iOS 9

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.20 (released Sept 26, 2017)

  • All Presets & new cues get Auto size by default
  • Now red cues use “Best” instead of “Anaerobic
  • Save all playlists from device to icloud with one tap (Tools > Backup > Use iCloud)
  • Better tempo adjust for Apple Music tracks
  • TickerTape ghost in track list to preview zones for entire playlist
  • YouTube tracks get preview icon in track list
  • New Scoreboard displays: Indiviual Racing + Individual Racing normalized

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.19 (released April 24, 2017)

  • Fixed music progress issues when playing Apple Music
  • Changed UP / DOWN / HOLD cues to Emojis for Scoreboard Range Rage and High/Low Scrimmage. 

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.18 (released March 7, 2017)

  • Added “Set to NOW” button in cue detail to change an existing cue to current playtime 
  • Watt Squares are now transparent when superimposed on a video track
  • Studio Edition now has Alternative Colors setting which are reflected in presets and Scoreboard Display
  • MFDJ Zone Glow – in tools, connect a HomeKit enabled light to allow your working zone colors to be displayed for all to see (requires Studio Edition in-app purchase)

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.17 (released January 16, 2017)

  • Added Restore or Manage Subscriptions in Tools menu. If you’ve subscribed to Power Pack or Studio Edition on one device, this activates those features on other devices using your iTunes account.
  • Better Power Data from several equipment types. Much better data from Spinner IONs.
  • Fixed play progress bug when advancing from a video on the device. 

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.16 (released November 30, 2016)

  • TickerTape – color ribbon that conveys zone sequence and current position. It’s generated from track data and displayed in all play tracks after activating Power pack and turning on in tools.
  • #MFDJtrending – add tracks sourced from Apple Music to the trending list, then promote your ideas with a Facebook post. Read all about it.
  • SoundMojis – add a SoundMoji to any cue for a precisely timed sound effect, or add a couple to the name of the playlist to display in the nav bar for impromptu sound effects. Here’s a list of MFDJ SoundMojis.
  • Enhanced Video Display – can be turned on in tools after activating Studio Edition. This enhanced AirPlay view makes tracks sourced with video – YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes Movies or Camera Roll videos – the main thing, but overlays TickerTape and countdown timers. The effect is beautiful, the results are amazing!

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.15 (released October 24, 2016)

  • New play controls in title bar of landscape view
  • New Marquee scrolling of track title and artist in all screens 

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.14 (released September 29, 2016)?

  • Better transition from video track to audio tracks
  • Streamlined facility email of rider workout data
  • In-app purchases now auto-renew
  • Now add TagAlong (silent tracks) to synch profiles to existing media
  • Fixed Playlist creation from text file – now can include >tagalong tag for silent tracks * more info at simpletext.MyFitnessDJ.com.
  • Plays well with iOS10

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.13 (released June 11, 2016)?

  • HotMic in audio tools – activate Power Pack, turn on HotMic in audio tools, then tap and hold the red HotMic button in the portrait play screen. Speak into the device’s microphone and you’ll hear you voice added to the playing music! I don’t need no stinking microphone 😉
  • Add video tracks from your device’s camera roll – activate Studio Edition and tap add in the track list. You can then add videos from your camera roll or iTunes synced videos. So much fun!
  • Add Vimeo videos – activate Studio Edition, copy a Vimeo video URL to the clipboard, tap add in track list and choose add URL from clipboard. The Vimeo video preview will appear in the landscape view, tap the play button on the video and you’re off!
  • Screen layouts are now screen dependent so your eyes should be happy while using everything from your iPhone 5S to your new, fancy pants iPad Pro. 

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ version 2.9.10 (released 11/15)?

  • TagAlong mode allows any playing music – including Apple Music Playlists – to continue playing while you select a smart preset. Now you can work MFDJ magic on any playing track.
  • Next Cue Review – Jump to 3 seconds before next cue in playing screen with a double finger double tap or when viewing cues with a single tap to the current time. 
  • Associate an Apple Music Playlist with your MyFitnessDJ playlist to easily share cues and music. Activate Studio Edition, copy the Apple Music Playlist URL to the clipboard, tap Add when viewing the MFDJ playlist tracks. Choose ‘Set Apple Music Playlist from Clipboard” and then share away
  • Mix iTunes, Apple Music Streaming, Apple Music offlined and YouTube tracks in one playlist using crossfade or not.
  • Voiceover now speaks any language selected in your device’s Settings.

Q: Just released (3/23/15) Use YouTube tracks in your playlist! Try a sample cycling playlist that uses YouTube tracks by tapping Add > Get Pre-made Playlists > YouTube Sample cycling. Or build your own paylist using YouTube videos:

  • Activate Studio Edition in tools
  • Using the YouTube app, find a video you want to use, tap the share button (looks like a Y laying down) then ‘Copy Link’
  • In MyFitnessDJ, create a new playlist, then tap Add > YouTube URL on Clipboard. The video will start playing, and title and time info will update in a few seconds. 
  • Once track is added, use cue presets to assign great zone or interval cues to the track. 
  • Video can be viewed in landscape view or via attached AirPlay screen. 

MyFitnessDJ & MyFitnessDJpro: (version 2.8.7 released 1/27/14)

in app purchase of Power Pack features
-now share playlist via AirDrop, iMessage, email and Facebook – option to include full or reduced size music files with Power Pack!

 -improved heart rate zone calculation

– automatically add cues from track’s lyrics field – add cue time, color and text in the track’s lyrics field in iTunes, and MFDJ will add those cues when the track is added to a playlist. Example:

0:25 (green) Gentle Warm Up
1:21 (red) Work really hard! 
3:30 (yellow) Back off and prepare for round two

New and noteworthy features recently released:– Small Group Heart Rate Zone Training (requires iOS7 and a Bluetooth LE Heartrate Strap) Click here for a primer on Individual or Small Group Heart Rate Training– VoiceOver (turn on in tools) – announces cues and countdown so you can save your voice or use your profiles while running- Real-Time Tempo Change – Turn on in tools, then swipe up or down during play to adjust tempo.- Cued Tempo Change – Adjust tempo percentage on each cue time. – Real-Time Crossfade – Turn on in tools for smooth track to track crossfade or when more than 25 seconds into play, tap next button for a smooth crossfade to next track. – Smart Presets for fast and easy cue entry> Tabata intervals> Tempo Increase> Zone Increase> Zone Spikes- New “Email All” button on email screen

MyFitnessDJ & MyFitnessDJpro: (version 2.8.6 released 12/20/13)

– Stability fixes in playback and better connection to Bluetooth LE devices.

MyFitnessDJ & MyFitnessDJpro: (version 2.8.5 released 10/23/13)– Great new look for iOS7 – now your eyes go right to the info. Less clutter, easier to read in dim light.- Small Group Heart Rate Zone Training (requires iOS7 and a Bluetooth LE Heartrate Strap)Click here for a primer on Individual or Small Group Heart Rate Training– VoiceOver (turn on in tools) – announces cues and countdown so you can save your voice or use your profiles while running- Mix iTunes & Spotify tracks in one playlist- stability fixes for crossfade

MyFitnessDJpro: (version 2.8.1 released 6/6/13)– tempo change (turn on in tools, then swipe up or down during play to adjust)- on demand crossfade (turn on in tools then when more than 25 seconds into play, tap next button for a smooth crossfade to next track) – custom crossfade to 1/100 second for precise mixes (adjust with track end) – playback settings saved to iCloud  

MyFitnessDJ: (version 2.8.2 released 6/11/13)

– use pre-made playlists with Spotify tracks!

– crossfade in tools

– new “email all” button on email screen allows all playlists to be backed up in one step

Q: What’s new in version 2.7?

– support for iPhone5

– new colors make times easier to read and extends battery life

– fixes for iOS6

Q: What’s new in version 2.6 (released 02/07/12)?


– Bigger Fonts in detailed display

– New Cue Text Colors

– Lots of Landscape Views

– Cue Preset Option for fast and easy cue entry


– Playlists Can Now Include Video Tracks 

– Bigger Fonts in detailed display

– Detail Screen share to Just Cue – free in iTunes App Store

– New Cue Text Colors

– Lots of Landscape Views

– Cue Lookahead now shows next track title and cue

– Working Zone displayed when Heart Rate Monitor available 

Q: What’s new in MyFitnessDJ 2.5 (released 10/20/2011)?

A:-copy/paste track from one playlist to another-reorder playlists-Airplay enabled audio-Airplay enabled Pro Screen on iPad2 & iPhone 4S-cue background from device camera or photo library-track name, artist and BMP (when available) in track list 

Q: What’s new in version 2.4?-full multi-tasking-supports external remote control-swipe display for forward/back-double tap display for play/pause 

Q: What’s new in version 2.3?

MyFitnessDJ:- Email playlist (text and data file) for sharing and backup 
– “Stay Awake” option to prevent screen from dimming 
– Now allows tracks of any length 
– Auto search for missing tracks MyFitnessDJpro:- Email playlist (text and data file) for sharing and backup – “Look Ahead” option to see what cue is next 
– “Stay Awake” option to prevent screen from dimming 
– Now allows tracks of any length 
– Pro Screen Connected indicator 
– Auto search for missing tracks 
– Scrub forward or back in landscape mode