Add Track From URL

With Studio Edition you can easily add tracks to a MyFitnessDJ playlist from Apple Music, YouTube or Vimeo using “Add > URL from clipboard” option in the playlist’s tracklist.

Give it a try with these steps:

  • Activate Studio Edition in tools
  • In Apple Music, YouTube or Vimeo, copy the desired URL to the device’s clipboard
    • Apple Music track: tap three dots > Share > copy
    • YouTube track: share arrow, select URL > copy
    • Vimeo track: share airplane, select URL > copy
  • In MyFitnessDJ, select (or create) the playlist you want to add a track to
  • Tap Add > URL from clipboard
  • Your track will be added to the current playlist and is ready to assign cues
  • Videos have to play a few seconds before title and end times are updated
  • If a video name is not automatically updated, select the track, back to tracklist, tap edit + add to change the video name