Alternative Colors

MyFitnessDJ Alternative Colors is a feature of Studio Edition which allows the default color palette of MyFitnessDJ (Cyan, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red) to be changed to the alternative palette of (Grey, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red).

This is really helpful if you teach in a studio with ICG’s Coach by Color system or the MyZone Heart Rate system, as this color pallet matches both of those.

Turn on Alternative Colors in tools by tapping Alternative Colors in the last section of tools. If you don’t see the option, be sure you’ve activated Studio Edition via in-app purchase. 

When turning on or off the feature, you’ll be asked if you want to change the colors of the current playlist. 

Once turned on, Cue Presets (available to any playing track by tapping preset/cues at top right of playing screen) will use the alternative color palette. Also, single cues (fourth and fifth row) use the new colors and suggested text.