Class Tamer import

  • In Class Tamer > Settings, select ‘Export Rides as Text via Email‘, check all playlists you’d like to transfer, Export and send to yourself. Make sure all exported playlists have at least one track. 
  • In Mail app, carefully select the playlist text starting with “My Rides from Schwinn Class Tamer:” through the last cue of the last playlist, then copy to put the data on the clipboard. Be sure the selected text starts with “My Rides…” and ends with the last cue of the last track. 
  • Get MyFitnessDJ and activate Power Pack in Tools, then in playlist screen, tap Add > Get Pre-Made playlists and tap “Import Playist(s)” when asked if you want to import playlists from the clipboard. 
  • All playlists on the clipboard will be imported into MyFitnessDJ. Since MyFitnessDJ displays your cues at a specific playtime, choose each track, select cues and set the cue time to the time in the track when you’d like to see that cue. You can also change the cue’s color in this process to make the cue mean more than just its text.