Cue My Heart

Announcing the newest addition to the MyFitnessDJ/DandeApp family!

Cue My Heart is a standalone Apple Watch app – no need for an iOS app or device – that guides a Heart Rate (HR) workout with vocal cues while you listen to your favorite playlist. 

The current profile is a simple HIIT pattern that requires work up to 85% of max HR, a hold for 10 seconds, then decrease to 70% of max HR and hold for 10 seconds. Each time you reach the threshold, you’ll feel a haptic feedback and if you have attached AirPods, a voice will guide your efforts up and down. It’s really simple, yet amazingly effective. 

This is a new app so don’t be surprised if you see glitches. To test:

Install Cue My Heart from TestFlight on your iPhone.

Wait for “Installing on Apple Watch” to change to “Show on Apple Watch”. If many seconds pass without the app installing on your Apple Watch, try force quitting the TestFlight app and restarting. This seems to be a ongoing issue with TestFlight app installation on Apple Watch. 

Make sure your AirPods are paired and start a playlist on your Apple Watch. 

Launch Cue My Heart from the app icon on your Apple Watch face.

On first launch, you’ll need to agree to let Cue My Heart access data such as current HR, resting HR and estimated max HR.

Tap “Cue” to start.

Force press display screen and note up & down Max heart rate amounts. Adjust up or down as needed. 

Go back to display screen to see your current heart rate. You’ll also see: 

  • ? = correct heart with number of seconds to hold
  • ? = a decrease is necessary with number of points necessary
  • ? = an increase is necessary with number of points necessary

You can listen to a playlist in your Music app at any point as music volume is decreased slightly when vocal cues are given. You can change the voice used on your iPhone -> Settings -> Accessibility -> VoiceOver -> Speech -> Voices”. You can change Siri’s accent or gender anytime in your Apple Watch > Settings > Siri > Siri Voice

Please let me know what you think including any ways you see the app misbehaving or ways it could work better.