Introducing MyFitnessDJ Heart Rate Super Scrimmage

In an effort to maximize workout effort with minimal time and equipment, MyFitnessDJ has a new display type that accomplishes just that!

If you have the beta of MyFitnessDJ v2.21 b597 or greater (released 3/23/2020), a bluetooth heart rate monitor and any cardio equipment (yes, even jumping jacks count!) you can test this great new feature. Please let me know how it works for you!

  • Verify MFDJ v2.21 b 597 or greater at the bottom of Tools.
  • Download a sample HRSS profile by tapping THIS LINK from any iOS device running MFDJ.
  • Play one time letting each track play 5 seconds to add to your Apple Music library – this is only necessary on the first play.
  • Put on your bluetooth heart rate monitor.
  • In MFDJ > Tools > Connect Bluetooth Sensors > Tap your monitor (If you don’t see your monitor, make sure it’s not currently paired to another device or app, as most bluetooth devices can only be paired with one app/device at a time.)
  • Once connected, tap the monitor name to set a nickname and your estimated max heart rate. Don’t worry if you’re not certain, as MFDJ will adjust this number based on your work.
  • In Playlist, select “HR super scrimmage #3”, then select the first track.
  • Turn device to landscape to see the HRSS cues that show in smaller square in center of landscape screen.
  • First track is for a quick warm up. Once your heart rate has risen to a moderate level, you can advance to the next track to start the scrimmage.
  • The remaining tracks are pairs of work/rest tracks. During the work track, put as much effort as possible into raising your heart rate. Your current heart rate is visible next to the ❤️. You’ll also see ?with the number of points you need to increase (i.e. ?20pts indicates you still need to raise your heart rate 20 points to reach your working goal) or a ? that counts down 10 seconds, which is the time you need to hold each threshold.
  • As soon as you’ve reached and held your working threshold 10 seconds, the track will advance to the rest track. Again, your current heart rate is next to the ❤️ and you’ll see either ? with number of heart rate points you need to decrease or ? with a countdown of 10 seconds, the number of seconds you need to hold your resting threshold.
  • Continue maximum effort in the working tracks until you’ve held your upper threshold 10 seconds and as little effort as possible during the resting tracks until you’ve held your lower threshold 10 seconds.
  • The sample playlist has 7 pairs of work/rest tracks. If you want to add more (or if my taste in music doesn’t motivate) you can edit/add tracks as usual by tapping edit while viewing the tracks and dragging tracks to a new location or deleting tracks. To add more tracks, remember to keep the order work/rest. Copy any of the sample work/rest tracks to your clipboard, then add a track from your library and choose to add the cues to the new track from the track open the clipboard. That will copy the cue with the new display type to your newly added track.
  • I’ve ridden this playlist a few times and am really impressed with how much work it takes to do the heart rate scrimmage.
  • Please let me know what you think. I’m working on an easy way to make your own HRSS playlist. That’s coming soon.