Simple Text Playlist Creation

To create a new playlist with the simple text creator feature, just type playlist details into a text file. You can use your favorite email app or text editor or if your playlists are already in another program, send the playlists via email to yourself to copy/paste.

Once you complete the text playlist, select it and copy to your clipboard. Then in MyFitnessDJ, subscribe to Power Pack in tools, tap Add > Create a new playlist, and paste the entire text playlist into the text field. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Each line starts with a greater than sign:  >
  • Name the playlist with this tag: >playlist:
  • List each track name with this tag: >track: (MFDJ will connect the track to the first track in your library with this name. So if you have multiple tracks with the same name, you may have to manually change those.)
  • Optionally skip a music track by adding this tag: >tagalong:xxxx (length of track in seconds)
  • After each track, list cues in the format: >time (color)text (notice space after time but no space after color)

Here’s a sample playlist

>playlist:Greatest Profile Ever

>track:Story Of My Life

>00:01 (cyan)Warm Up

>01:58 (yellow)Work a little harder. Up to a Moderate level. This will be your Yellow zone.

>02:22 (orange)Now work even hard. Up to a Tough level. This will be your Orange zone.  

>02:54 (green)Pull back. Take a breath. Get ready to work your hardest.

>03:26 (red)Go all out! This will be your Red zone.

>03:59 (green)Way back. Nice job. Here we go.


>00:00 (cyan)Prepare to test your Red 3 times.

>00:37 (red)1 of 3 ON

>01:21 (green)OFF

>01:52 (red)2 of 3 ON

>02:35 (green)OFF

>02:54 (red)3 of 3 ON

>03:36 (green)OFF

>track:The Cup of Life (La Copa de la Vida) [The Official Song of the World Cup, France ‘98] [Remix] [English Radio Edit]

>00:00 (cyan)Prepare for Orange, Red, Orange to recover. There will be 3 rounds.

>00:44 (orange)Leading Orange Zone

>01:18 (red)Red High Zone 1 of 3

>01:33 (orange)Trailing Orange Zone

>01:40 (green)Recover

>01:56 (orange)Leading Orange Zone

>02:55 (red)Red High Zone 2 of 3

>02:30 (orange)Trailing Orange Zone

>02:53 (green)Recover

>03:08 (orange)Leading Orange Zone

>03:34 (red)Red High Zone 3 of 3

>04:05 (orange)Trailing Orange Zone

>01:40 (green)Recover